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     Wheel alignment used to be a string and chalk exercise.

     As vehicle technology has evolved so has the requirement for effective alignment,

     particularly for vehicles with on board computers and ABS braking systems.

     In a vehicle with on board driver assist systems there are a multitude of sensors that

     feed information to the central control unit.

     Armed with this information the computer can determine things like correct brake

     application in the event of an incident.

     Pivotal to this decision making process is the steering angle sensor.


     This sensor  tells the computer which way the car is pointing.

     In the event of a skid or slide the computer reacts through the ABS braking system

     to minimize the effect of the event.


     If the steering angle sensor is not calibrated correctly the consequences may vary from          a dashboard warning light or steering wheel dithering (rocking side to side) to vehicle drift or pull conditions


Swartz Tyres have just upgraded their wheel alignment system to a state of the art Hunter  Code link wheel alignment system.


This system allows us to not only carry out wheel alignment to factory specification but also allows us to interrogate onboard computers and sensors and recalibrate them if necessary.

     Steering angle sensors can only be calibrated in conjunction with wheel alignment.

     If you have a vehicle with onboard driver assist systems and ABS braking then

     Swartz Tyres is the place to go in Wanganui for your wheel alignment needs.

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